Tailor-made solutions

Each company and context is different and we offer customized solutions, adapted to each customers’ need and applying sustainable innovation processes.


Full support process

We support our customers in the entire process, creating tools to measure, manage and follow up properly.


Impact specialists

An engaged team helping organizations to be actors of change and growing by generating impact.

Growing by generating
a positive impact

There are currently urgent needs to adapt to new legal requirements, the increasing demand from consumers and investors regarding new business models able to generate a more substantial positive impact in society while mitigating negative impacts linked to their activities. 

Hands-on Impact supports these organizations who aim to contribute to global social and environmental challenges we are facing. 

Case studies

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    Life Cycle Assessment for a credit card

    Life Cycle Assessment for a credit card multinational manufacturer, which results highlighted many operational improvements allowing potentially their carbon footprint to be massively reduced by 70%

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    Developing and impact investment strategy

    Hands-on Impact developed the full definition of the impact investment model for an Impact Fund, signatory to IFC’s Operating Principles for Impact Management

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    Theory of change for a Circular economy start up

    We helped several purpose driven startups to elaborate their theory of change, bringing a strategic vision to help solving global challenges.

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We collaborate with organizations from different sizes and sectors, operating locally or internationally.


We can help you evolving your business towards a more sustainable one.
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