Specialized in triple impact and
great experience in ESG solutions

The theory of change is a logical model allowing with certain analytical complexity, join several hypothesis to create impact from a short to long term.

It is designed similarly to a predictive model with several steps that allows an organization to conceptualize how to reach a long term desired impact and which activities will maximize this.

It also can be used as a management tool and allows to reevaluate over time both strategy and measurement design.

Our values


We are engaged to give precise, verified and structured result.


We owe transparency to our customers and to ourselves. We don’t make promises we can’t keep.


We work on innovative solutions that respond to the challenges faced by companies.


We are results oriented, we like to simplify concepts, methodologies and tools.


We like closed collaboration with customers and we adapt to each customers situation and problematic.

Hands-On Impact Team

Pedro Olazabal

Co-founder &
Impact and ESG Measurement

Susana Gallego

Partner Impact & ESG Strategy

Irene Fernández

Impact & Sustainaibility

Andrea Rodenas

Impact & Sustainaibility

Ignacio Perea

Impact & Sustainaibility

We can help you evolving your business towards a more sustainable one.
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